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The Talent Hunt Program (THP) of the IBA, Karachi enables students from far flung areas of Pakistan to achieve higher education.

Karachi Karachi, Pakistan


Karachi, Pakistan


The National Talent Hunt Program (THP) of the Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi enables students from far flung areas of Pakistan with limited financial means to obtain quality education.

The program has three parts: awareness raising, orientation and financial assistance. In the awareness raising part, we send teams to remote parts of Pakistan to inform students about educational opportunities at the IBA. In the orientation part, we provide two months of in-residence training in English and Mathematics for the selected students to prepare them for the IBA’s aptitude test. Finally, if a student gets admitted, we offer financial assistance through the course of his/her studies.

The cost of the two-month orientation program is currently PKR 110,303/- per student while the cost incurred on the tuition, accommodation and miscellaneous expenses is PKR 859,800/- per year. 

Come forward and make a generous contribution in enabling a child to achieve the quality education that they deserve for a fruitful life ahead.


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Safaa Fatima Khan
Safaa Fatima Khan
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